Drivin' Around Song

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Man you ever just wanna, go riding around
No worries, well that's this kind of song
Yea alright.

1. This is for everybody out there, circling the town square
Proud to be stuck out in the middle of nowhere
Usa, chevrolet, dodge and ford, raising a little hell and praising the lord.

Just simple truth speaking, working for the weekend
Every time it hits the fan you just keep on keeping
You tried and true, red white and blue
Turn it up, turn it up, man, this one's for you.

Hey, this is for the driving around, jack and diane town, anywhere saturday night
Yeah, yeah, this is for the back road, turning up the radio, heading right
Where the two lane turns into main street, cruising the same streets
Over in the passenger seat
Baby ain't never looked better just singing along
To this driving around song.

2. Yeah, i know what i'm talking about, i grew up in them rural routes
Counting down them days til i got brave enough to bust out
City lights in my sights, i'm gonna do it up right,
I'm sitting here with this guitar tonight
Kicking it in the big town, wishing i'd a slowed it down
And i give anything if i was driving around with the big dreams in my pocket
Yeah, this is for the ones who don't know how good they got it


* Alright, everybody
Get in your truck, get in your car, whatever it is
Small town america, baby
We're going drive it around.

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