Young Blood

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
[Verse 1:]
Oh dear, oh dear, I'm sorry
That you grew up so soon
A cold year with no high school parties
But I've been drinking alone
I've been drinking alone.

But don't fear, just don't fear their warnings
They're bitterer than most
4 years of driving across the country
For empty seats at their shows
And they've been drinking alone.


Keep your time, keep your mind, keep it humble
Start your life in the middle of the jungle
Young blood
Young blood
Young blood
Young blood.

Rub your eyes, be surprised, keep hungry
Stay alive and try to lose all of your money
Young blood
Young blood
Young blood
Young blood.

[Verse 2:]
So when you're mad for no reason
At everything at once
And when you start overthinking
I'll be drinking at home
I'll be drinking at home.


If you want I could tell the truth
That this life takes its toll on you
That I spend nights stitching up the loose threads of my soul
And in the mornings I'm bullet proof.

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