Past Perfect

Tac gia: Nhac Ngoai
[Verse 1:]
Back then, there were no others
All I knew, true beginners
We had a gift: the perfect present
No such a thing I'm taught.

[Chorus 1:]
It's tense for me
Can't live within a memory
Proud woman, I dare not come passively
Every fella deserves his dignity.

[Verse 2:]
Our hurt is older than our hands
It passed from monkey into man
Mow tender hands do heal the hurt
Man did fuck up, and then he learnt.

[Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2:]
It's tense for me
Can't keep reliving what is history
Proud woman now don't go soft on me
Where's that famous old dexterity?

It's tense for me (x14)
It's tense, it's tense for me.

[Chorus 1]
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