Into The West

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại
Burning down all the bridges
Leaving all the past behind
Heading for a new horizon
The promised land to find.

Hope in our hearts
'cause the promised land is coming
Agony from the start
But a light is shining through.

Into the west, countless lonely graves
Flanking our ways on the trail of no return
Into the west, we cut off the past
It's "death or glory" at last
Into the west.

We join the mighty trail
Just straight into the west
It's a ride of deprivation
Putting us to the test.

Wild rain and cholera
No water, deadly too
Wide plains and starvation
Is what we are going through.

[Pre / Chorus ]

After all this pain and loss
Destination right at hand
Too many lonely graves
But we found the promised land.

[Pre / Chorus]
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