Pray (Lời Nguyện Cầu Cho Bình Minh)

What a miracle is life
The fields are high and fruit is ripe
So hold out your hands
Yeah hold out your hands
And you're the same as me
You breathe the air I breathe
And we don't understand
Yeah we don't understand.

And if you don't ask questions you won't know why
So say a prayer for the dying while there's still time.

Pray for good and pray for love
Pray for peace and pray it's enough
Pray for salvation pray that we're right
Pray one day we open our eyes and
Pray for them and pray for us
Pray one day we can live as one
Pray for the children whose time is come
Pray they forgive us for the srtupid things we've done.

We all see the same sun
Each day the golden praise is sung
To the wonder of man
Yeah the wonder of man
And when we look why can't we see
All the riches taht are free
Oh we don't understand
Yeah we don't understand.
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Người đăng: Bằng Lăng Tím
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