Living In Sin

Tác giả: Gene Simmons & Howard Marks & Sean Delaney

Ca sĩ: Cher & Gene Simmons

I know you write me sexy letters. And you send your pictures for my wall. You found the hotel where I'm stayin'. And you build up the nerves and then you call. I'm living in sin (at the Holiday Inn). At the Holiday Inn,

Man Of 1,000 Faces

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: Gene Simmons

I walk the streets by day. I never know quite what to say. It doesn't matter anyway Man of 1000 faces, man of 1000 faces. Man of 1000 faces, who's the man? For years I've lived inside my dreams. Somehow I've made them real,

Spinning Wheel

Tác giả: Nhạc Ngoại

Ca sĩ: Engelbert Humperdinck & Gene Simmons

What goes up must come down. Spinnin' wheel, got to go round. Talkin' 'bout your troubles, it's a cryin' sin. Ride a painted pony, let the spinnin' wheel spin. You got no money, you got no home. Spinnin' wheel, all.

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